Bridget West


Why the Mint was "Mint To Be":


     Even as a four year old, Bridget West, owner of Mint Events, knew she wanted to be in the bridal industry. Her daily agenda focused on walking around in a mini sized wedding dress and creating magical, fairytale weddings in her living room. Her family knew weddings would be in her future.


     Fast forward 16 years, Bridget ventured to the Big Apple, to work for the number one fashion magazine in the world.  Her passion for event planning was validated by being behind the scenes on a production level and gaining experience in creating high fashion runway shows, galas, etc.


     From the Big Apple to the Big Easy, Bridget continued her education and became a graduate of Tulane University. She has continued working in the event planning industry, providing services for many brides, non-profit organizations, corporate events, and a number of high profile weddings.


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