History of the Wedding Dress

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Wedding dresses have been around for as long as anyone can remember. But the tradition of a white wedding dress is not quite as old. Wedding dress traditions began in the early 1400s, but were actually not white.

There is an ancient Chinese myth that is the first mention that we know of a wedding dress, and it is referred to as a “garment”. It is a story of a family of dragons. A father dragon is giving his daughter dragon to an emperor. The myth says that the daughter was dressed in a beautiful and colorful phoenix dress and crown.

Jumping to the 1700 and 1800s, white was known to be a color of grief. At this time, brides were often dressed in red. The wedding dress was known to be a statement of wealth. So many dresses had embroidery and jewels covering the entire gown!

But in 1840, Queen Victoria was wed to Prince Albert of Sax in a simple silk white gown, with lace accents. Word is, that she wanted to marry the Prince as an innocent, pure woman in love with her husband, not a princess.

By 1849, The Vogue of the Victorian World reported White being was “the most fitting hue”. And the rest is history!

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