All-Inclusive Beach Wedding

beach wedding

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A wedding on the beach?! Yes please!! Build a venue from the ground up? No thank you!!

Believe me when I tell you, wedding planning is a full time gig because it has full time demands. The lists upon lists of vendors and rentals can become quite lengthy. And that would be the reason that when I say “all inclusive” your eyes widen just that much more.

To Mint Events, all inclusive means that we give you a list to choose what you want. The list starts from a ceremony on the sand with a month of planning package to wrap it up nicely, to an extreme exclusive and elaborate ceremony followed with a celebration and unforgettable moment after the next. It would look like you putting an “x” next to an all night band and two videographers and letting us do the rest! It would feel like you writing your dream storybook of a wedding and then showing up for the live action film!

All Inclusive beach weddings are one of our favorite things to do! These are the moments that we have the ability to do what we do best and make the magic come to life!

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