Eloping In Destin

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The most spontaneous people are the ones who choose the road to elope. But spontaneous also ends up leaving out quite a few key details that are essential to making sure you are actually married before it’s all over. The beautiful thing about calling a planner when you choose to elope, especially on a beach, is that there are still some things that will need to be planned to elope without any issues.

Mint Events has the advantage of knowing all the ins and outs of getting married on the beach. We know about the permits, and the private sandy spots. We know when the sun sets, and the best places to stay. And we know who we need to go to in order to get a marriage license. Eloping is for the couple who wants to skip the crazy intricate plans and sending out all the invites, but there are a few things that you can’t go without. Eloping in Destin can create the best memories, and the most beautiful pictures to have for the rest of your forever. So make sure that you know the things that need to be done in order to successfully end up back home, married.

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