Having a “Safe” 2022 Wedding

2022 Wedding

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Covid is once again on the rise and starting to postpone events, as people question if gathering is the best thing to do at this time. We are here to support all of our couples through the planning process and their special day to help them create the most sanitary environments and help their guests be comfortable celebrating with them as well.

Let’s start from the beginning: the ceremony! There are a few different things that can be done to give your guests more space and still have your ceremony be special with the ones that matter most. The first and easiest thing is to find out if your prospective venue has an outdoor ceremony site. From the beginning of the pandemic, it has been encouraged that if people were to be gathering, that the best place would be to do it in an outside space to avoid people sharing an enclosed air space.

Secondly, having extra seating at your ceremony to allow families to sit together and space out from the next family. To do this, we will want to make sure that your venue has enough chairs to have a few extra rows; adding a few to make space will most likely not be any extra cost. One of the better things that resulted from these past two years is that most venues have increased their level of wi-fi, and have even made sure that outdoor spaces have wi-fi. This makes it possible for people to live stream their ceremony for families that are not comfortable gathering or loved ones out of state.

The next big part of the night will be your reception. The best and most sanitary way to have your reception will be to have a few doors open, and have a seated meal. Caterers will deliver plates to each guest, as opposed to having a buffet. Buffets are more common for weddings of course, but that creates a lot more opportunity for people to be very close to each other and touch a lot of the same things.

Next, lets talk about masks. Masks have been hard for many couples as we have seen over the past few years. This is what we have found to make it the easiest on everyone: if you have chosen to require masks for all of your guests, it is best to say that on the invitation. That will eliminate the question from the beginning. From there, the best thing to do is have somewhat of a supply at your event for your guests that may forget their mask, so that there isn’t an issue of not having one.

If you have chosen to leave wearing a mask up to your guests, we encourage still having a small amount available and a sign that says that we are all here to celebrate the bride and groom, so let’s all give each other the right kind of room. That will make it more comfortable for those guests that do choose to mask up and show that they are more than welcome.

2022 is sure to bring all new things. This year already has the most weddings scheduled since 1984! At Mint Event Planning, we are so excited to be a part of your special day, and can’t wait to support our couples through the not-so-fun planning details.

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2022 Wedding

Having a “Safe” 2022 Wedding

Covid is once again on the rise and starting to postpone events, as people question if gathering is the best thing to do at this

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