Real-Life Stresses – From Real-Life Brides

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The moment your future husband proposes, everything is butterflies and roses, rainbows and sparkles! Excitement and phone calls, diamonds and pictures…oh my! A few days later….here comes the questions. Where do we get married? What theme would I like? Who is going to cater? What is my budget…and do I REALLY have to muster up the courage to ask my dad? All of these questions can start to let that little monster called stress creep in. That little monster is notorious for keeping you up at night; constantly keeping your hamster wheel turning. Images of table decor, questions that you need to remember to ask vendors, little details, and scary dreams of showing up to your wedding naked, plague you in the wee hours of the night. This stress monster can TOTALLY ruin the joy of your engagement, not to mention make your hair fall out. We asked brides that have gotten married within the last year, what the most stressful part of planning their wedding was. We are here to tell you that their stresses are probably similar to yours, and how we as wedding planners can help.

My question to them was: “What do you recall being the most stressful part of planning your wedding by yourself?”

Stress: “Trying to coordinate everything from cakes, table cloths, and center pieces, to decorations and the menu. It was madness.”

How we can help: We as planners will coordinate everything so that you don’t have to! Obviously, you will be able to pick out exactly what you would like as far as your cake, decorations, and decor, but we are there for help in the process. We know exactly where to look to find exactly what you are invisioning.

Stress: “Actually making all of the decisions and trying to remember all of the little things I needed.”

How we can help: While making decisions for your wedding, things can get in the way such as family opinions, budget, and lack of vision. A wedding planner is a third party that is not swayed by family opinions. We are there to back the bride’s decisions up, 100%. As the bride, you want to please everyone. As the planner, we want to please YOU. It is YOUR day, contrary to what your mother-in-law thinks! We also can help you make decisions by keeping you within your budget. Sometimes we think we need something because it will look “cute,” but we keep it real. If it’s not in the budget, toss the idea or we can come up with a way to make it less expensive. We also are great at coming up with a vision for your wedding, if you are having a hard time doing this yourself. We will be able to share a Pinterest board and both pin ideas so that we can figure out exaclty what your dream day looks like in your head. We will keep you oraganized and make sure that all of those little details that you want will not fall through the cracks.

Stress: “Managing my money on the different things that I agreed to pay for. The hardest part, for me, was managing a timeline on when to get things done.”

Stress: “Figuring out a reasonable budget and staying within it. It is so hard not to get wrapped up in all of the extra little things you want without breaking the bank.”

How we can help: It seems that money is definitely a major stress on today’s brides. We, as wedding planners, will take your budget that you have decided on and create a plan to get the most bang for your buck. We are always contacting vendors and are in constant communication with them. We know from experience what you should be paying vendors realistically. We will help you save money and pay what we know you should. A lot of times, vendors will give planners a discounted rate because they know we will keep referring clients to them. VOILA! Money saved!

This next quote comes from a bride that hired a wedding planner half-way through her planning process. When she realized that the stress of planning a wedding was just too much to handle. she decided to relinquish control and ask for help. Her planner was there to save the day….or the months!

Stress/Testimony: “Having to make sure that every vendor was on the same page about time, location, deliveries etc. I know my wedding day would NEVER have gone that smoothly without the planner making sure the “behind the scenes” details were taken care of. For example, once I booked the vendors and confirmed exactly what I wanted, I never contacted them again. The planner was the only person to communicate with them. The planner also took care of creating timelines and making sure everything arrived when and where it was supposed to be without me even having to wonder. So I would definitely say having a planner makes the “day of” extremely enjoyable which is exactly how it should be.”

Clearly, today’s brides are under so much stress to make sure that their wedding is “Facebook” and “Pinterest” worthy. Why not dump that load on to someone with experience and complete confidence? Yes, we are wedding planners, but I like to think of ourselves as “Super Stress Savers – saving the world one stressed out bride at a time!”

Save your hair and your mind…call us!

The Minties

photo credit: iStockphoto

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