Sustainable Weddings: How to Sustainably Wed!

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There is so much that goes into a wedding! After all, the idea is that you only have one, right?! To make it the best and most memorable it can be, naturally you will want to go big, or go home! However, this can end up creating quite the carbon footprint. So, along came sustainable weddings!!

There are a few ways that you can shift your approach in different aspects of your wedding to take more control of the amount of resources being used. Let’s start from the first step of planning! Choosing your venue. The best way to save resources when it comes to a venue is choosing one that you like what the venue has to offer on its own. Not to say that some floral and decor is a crime, but if you feel the need to rebuild the venue from the ground up, minimum it will take a significant amount of travel resources from different rental companies to deliver couches, arches, rugs, bars, and whatever else comes to mind to recreate the space.

Another thing to consider is if you can have your ceremony and reception in the same space. When guests have to travel from a ceremony to a reception site, that increases the amount of traveling resources needed.

Once you have your venue chosen, save the dates and invitations are up next. Everyone loves a good formal wedding invite. One way you can still have this is to order and send out a save the date with a wedding website URL printed on the card. This will save you money and paper just referring people to a website from your save the date versus following the save the date with a formal invitation and then requesting a paper RSVP to be sent back. Most wedding websites have a place to respond! This will also be such a life saver when keeping track of your guest count.

When you have your guest count, you’ll want to move on to options for food. In the most traditional setting, a full service catering company is what is chosen. The best way to save money, and food here, is to stay up to date and as accurate as possible with your guest count.

One of the biggest and most wasteful resources used in weddings is all of the floral. Reality is, flowers are often imported (using travel resources) and thrown out at the end of the night. The best way to reduce this waste is to avoid doing large fresh floral centerpieces on every table. There are lots of other options, tiered candles, floating candles, the ideas are endless! Another option is alternative flowers, and wood flowers!! Other flower options are a whole conversation so we will have to talk about that in another post!

Now, with all this in mind, at the end of they day, this is YOUR wedding. Mint Events will support every dream and idea you have for your day. Planning a wedding is a lot. So try not to stress yourself about following each and every tip that’s out there! But considering any of these is better that none if sustainability is important to you or your family. It is our job to help you with this! If it is a priority of yours, then it is our priority too!

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