What do we LOVE about this wedding?

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At first glance, this wedding looks absolutely perfect, down to the very last detail. From the gorgeous outdoor ceremony, complete with worshipping and feet washing, to the perfectly decorated barn reception that reflected the couples’ personalities, we are IN LOVE. While every detail seemed precisely planned and exceptionally executed, this is not the only reason we are LOVING this wedding.

Watch the beautiful highlights of this wedding here.

What is behind the decor and the flowers and the centerpieces, is the LOVE. It is so evident in this video how much this couple absolutely adored each other. Weddings can be beautiful and go off without a hitch…but what makes the wedding particularly beautiful is the tangible feeling of love that the bride and groom share. When you are planning a wedding, you are so careful to make sure your guests enjoy every single detail. You want your food to be delicious, you want your flowers to spring color into the air, you want your music to keep everyone on the dance floor; but what is most important to the guests is that they are in the presence of true, amazing, heart-wrenching, love. Nothing makes the atmosphere of a wedding more beautiful than the love the couple shares. When you watch the bride and groom stare into each other’s eyes and forget the world around them, it does something deep inside you. It stirs a joy inside that makes everything else at the wedding feel insanely perfect. To the guest, yes they would like the food to taste good and they would like to have a good time, but what is more important to them is that they are witnessing two people vowing their lives to one another. Vowing to take care of each other through sickness and in health. Vowing to love each other till death, when they part.

Our advice to you on your big day, after every detail is planned and the moment comes for you to walk down the aisle, remember what is at the end of that aisle. Not the beautifully dressed bridesmaids in their matching dresses and hairsprayed perfection, not the cute flower girl twirling and spilling flowers out of her basket, not the groomsmen standing awkwardly in their penguin suits, and certainly not the preacher holding his bible and studying his notes anxiously; its your future husband. As you walk towards him, forget the world and stay focused on your entire future nervously standing there with tears in his eyes, waiting to hold the hands of his bride. As you recite your vows, forget the hundreds of onlookers and focus on the words you are speaking to each other. Look into each other’s eyes and vow to love, cherish, and care for each other for the rest of eternity. When you finally snap back into real time, you will notice that the ceremony will be filled with tears of joy, happiness, and love, for they just witnessed the miracle of marriage.


The Minties

Video courtesy of CandleLight Films

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