What To Do With The Groom


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What about the Groom?

We have seen it time and time again. The most extravagant bridal suites with rooms to spare and photo worthy spots in every corner. But the groom and his groomsmen are not always considered quite the same. So, here are a few ways to turn that around. 

Have the groom and his men go out for brunch! Truth is, if food is involved, the men will likely oblige happily. Find a good spot close to the venue so that they aren’t too far, but also so they aren’t waiting around at the venue just trying to stay away from the rest of the bridal party.

Some of these ideas are going to be dependent on your bridal parties style and venue location, but at least one of these ideas should work for your day!

Horseback riding! There are so many venues, especially in Colorado that have Horseback riding so close to venues! This is an hour long activity that would be a perfect way to kill some time while having them be entertained!

Another idea is go kart racing. This is a classic way for your grooms party to have fun while spending time with each other. This could be a 2 – 3 hour activity, it would be something great for them to do while the bride’s party is arriving at the venue and starting their hair and makeup.

If you want to pamper your groom’s party, hire a barber! Depending on the space of your venue, you could hire a classic barber to come and give any fresh haircuts needed, and a fresh shave for your party. What man doesn’t love the art of an Old-Fashioned Barbershop shave?

Grab a deck of cards and a case of beer for your grooms party to finish their pre-celebration up, and they are set!! It is indeed, the Bride’s day. But the groom and his party can sometimes go forgotten. Making their day definitely will take a little planning on the front end of things, but it will make the day so much more enjoyable for them. Your wedding planner can definitely help with the planning part if you want to hand this part off. After all, our ultimate goal is to make the day special for everyone.

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