What to Think About when Searching for a Wedding Planner

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A wedding planner tends to be one of those items that gets crossed off on the priorities list, when in all reality, it should often be at the top! We have found a lot of the times that couples don’t know what a wedding planner really does. And to answer that question, it’s all the things one wouldn’t think about, and that’s exactly why you should really think about hiring one a wedding planner! That and BUDGET!! The reality is, 99% of people have a budget. Whether its $40,000 or $120,000. The cap ends somewhere. A wedding planners job is to help you stick to the budget and will have knowledge on what can be bargained and how to be flexible.

When you (as the couple) start meeting with wedding planners to decide who to hire, here are BLANK questions you’ll want to ask yourself. Number one, is there chemistry? Now this might sound a little funky, but your wedding planner is going to become your absolute BEST friend for the next few months (depending on what services you choose). So it’s really important that you like this person and that you vibe well with them.

Number two, do they acknowledge and support your priorities? If your first priority is budget, then is your wedding planner budget friendly, and willing to help you set up and follow a budget? Or, if you’re main focus is the design of your wedding, does the wedding planner have experience with design? What about experience with the style of your wedding?

Last but certainly not least, does your wedding planner have experience with the type of wedding your envisioning? If you are planning to have your ceremony in the middle of a field, which is basically like building a venue from the ground up, does your planner have experience with doing this? Or for instance, if your planning to have your wedding at a venue away from the city/ vendors like florist and catering, is this something your planner will know how to juggle?

All in all, a wedding planner is meant to make your wedding experience the most seamless and enjoyable it can be. We want to bring your stress level from the red level, back down to the green level. To achieve that, you’ll want to choose the planner that will be right for your wedding. Like we always say in the wedding industry, ya get what ya pay for.

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