Why You Should Say “YES” to a Wedding Planner

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First off, take a breath. Enjoy being engaged!! Don’t forget to celebrate that moment before jumping into all the things of planning your big day! And then…pick a wedding planner to do it for you.

The stress of planning the wedding, communicating with vendors, set up and tear down of the ceremony and reception, and the orchestration of it all are not something that you want to be carrying on your own shoulders. You want to be in the moment, and trust that someone has your back when it comes to the behind the scenes. And that’s where we come in..your wedding planner!

Before troubling yourself with all the ins and outs of planning a wedding, think this through. There is of course the budget to think about, then the venue, then the vendors, then the dress, also where will everyone sit..who will be the drama filter? Who is going to make sure everyone will get where they are going? How will everything make it to were it needs to be after the wedding? Who is going to clean up the decor after the wedding? Because it most certainly shant be the bride.

It is common to consider family member plan the wedding. But often, planning a wedding prevents said family member from enjoying the celebrating, and gets them stuck behind a clipboard for the ceremony and reception.

To be a bride should be…to be pampered. To be celebrated, to be cherished, to be supported, and to be loved. Not to be a planner.

Let’s talk about the ways that a wedding planner will make your life like a dream.

Budgeting. Budgeting is something that is always at the forefront of the bride’s mind, as it should be. One of the greatest things about having a wedding planner is your planner should have an extensive list of various vendors with various price ranges and will have an idea of things that are necessary versus things that may not be.

Built in emotional buffer. There is always that one family member that no matter what, will find a way to make it about them. No matter how many ways you may bend to not step on any toes. But the great thing is that, as your wedding planner, I am your buffer. I am your scapegoat. I am your bearer of bad news. I am your counselor, your therapist…the hats I wear are endless!

I create a timeline for you, and have established vendor relationships. This will make for a seamless planning experience. I will create and maintain the entire flow of your wedding day. And that is the luxury of having a wedding planner. There will be no reason for you to be balancing all of this while celebrating the beginning of your forever.

Changes within the last 48 hours of the wedding happen more than you might think. Again, this is where the wedding planner will step in, so you don’t have to step away from your pre-celebrations to take care of the last minute technicalities. And, you have an open line of communication 24 hours a day with someone that has experience in planning a wedding.

The most important part of hiring a wedding planner is your actual wedding day. We make sure your vendors arrive promptly and with all the services that were agreed on. We execute the set up and create your fairytale. We are your support in case anything has been forgotten or overlooked. Just in case your flower girl forgot her flower basket at the hotel, I will run and have it for your wedding.

At the end of the night when all the fun has been had, your wedding planner is the one that will do the behind the scenes wrap up with paying vendors, breaking down decor, and making sure all your sentimental items and back home, safe and sound.

All in all, your wedding planner will become one of your most important vendors. Because she will be your filter and your conductor. And she will be there for you.

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